Welcome to this wiki. This is a space where students' work can be shared. Your page can showcase completed work or can document work in progress.

Below is a list of links to web tools that can be used to present the work - try one, or some!, out. Photos and text can be easily added.

http://photopeach.com/ - can be used to display photos
http://prezi.com - can be used to communicate learning, brainstorms
http://littlebirdtales.com - artworks and descriptions, students' illustrated writing
http://www.voki.com/ -
http://www.fotobabble.com - upload photos and record comments
https://vimeo.com/ - video
http://www.slidemypics.com/ - photos
- for recording sound
http://ed.ted.com/ - educational videos
http://learnzillion.com/ - educational videos - maths lessons

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