B4 presents 'Big City Noises''

B3 presents 'Frankenteacher'

B3 presents 'Animal Court Case'

B2 presents 'Morepork'

B2 presents 'A Real Steal'

B2 presents 'Stuck!'

Rm 2 presents: 'Big Game Animals'

Rm 2 presents: 'Take It From the Top'

Rm 2 presents: 'Last of the Dinosaurs'


B4 presents:
'Little Monster goes to School'

B3 presents 'Froggie School'

B3 presents 'The Amazing Anti-Bullying Boy'

B3 presents 'The Monster and the Human'

B2 presents 'Snow White and the Many Dwarfs'

Room 2 presents 'The Wonderful World of Stories'

Rm 4 presents 'The Bully' (written by Lachie B.)


B2 presents:
'A Fractured Fairytale'

B3 presents:
The Good Fairy and the Trickster Witches

B4 presents:
Can We Play?

Rm 2 presents:
Jolly Jelly Beans

Room 2 presents:
'Don't Talk Back'

Reefton Area School song:

Room 2 presents:
'Bully Busters'

Room 2 presents:
School Photos

B2 presents:
'Making a Sentence'

B4 presents:


B4 presents:
Rain, Rain, Go Away

B3 presents:

The Rock in the Road

Room 4 presents:
L.Mckenzie Fashions

Room 1a presents:
Mirror, Mirror

Crazy Answers

Room 4 presents:
Your Average Classroom

B2 presents:
A Dangerous Game